PolyU School of Design Young Design Talent Award
Charles Ng
Communication Design | Graduate of PolyU (Communication)


Communication Designer

As a 2018 design graduate of PolyU School of Design, Charles Ng, a communication designer, believes that design is both a creative and practical challenge to tackling information obstacles for society. Meaningful designs make information accessible to readers or viewers who use the knowledge to make decisions in their civic, social, and economic lives. Charles began changing the world we live in by initiating a series of briefs to improve wayfinding and tourist experience in Hong Kong. In Walk Methods HK, maps were redesigned to allow users to orient themselves and follow suggested routes using three-dimensional landmarks in the neighbourhood. Besides helping people find their way around, sequential details – in the form of what the user needs or desires to know before, during, and after a trip – are also presented, which structure Charles’ design. Thanks to useful and interesting information offered as if the user travelled with a local, his InfoTravel Toolbook bucks the trend of replacing hardcopies with digital guidebooks, as travellers still much prefer carefully verified and thoughtfully visualized information presented in a larger format to random, sponsored, and often crowd-sourced online information that scramble for space on a smartphone screen.


Charles plans to go to London and pursue a master’s degree in information design or data visualization. “Critical frameworks and theoretical viewpoints borrowed from experience design allow me to go beyond the graphical dimension,” he says, as he looks forward to solving information design problematics in Hong Kong upon his return.

Overseas Undertaking