Q1. Is there any difference between the awards in the selection process?

No. All applicants will be assessed according to the same judging criteria set out in Judging Criteria & Timeline. The Judging Panel reserves the rights to the final decision of the awardees and the number of awards.


Q2. If I could only afford to go outside Hong Kong for less than a year, would the sponsored amount be reduced proportionally?

The actual amount of the sponsorship will depend on the actual expenditure of the approved items (see Sponsorship Coverage under Awards & Undertaking) and be subject to the maximum amount and period of the sponsorship of the relevant award.


Q3, I study Master Degree in Design Management, am I eligible to apply?

Yes, all design related course graduates are accepted. (Note: If you are Master Degree graduate from overseas, your Bachelor Degree must be studied locally and obtained from an accredited local educational institution.)


Q4. Would nomination from a former employer be accepted?



Q5. If I have more than one nominator, what should I do?

You should choose one of them to be your nominator. Any additional information can be submitted as "Other Supporting Information".


Q6. Can a nominator nominate more than one candidate?

Each individual may nominate up to a maximum of THREE applicants only.


Q7. What should I do if I fail to receive work conditional offer by the application deadline?

You are recommended to apply for work opportunities outside Hong Kong at your preferred companies as early as possible to make your work plan more concrete. If you do not have work conditional offer, you can also upload your application letter(s) as a supporting document.


Q8. What documents are required to be submitted during online application?

Please refer to the Online Application for more information.


Q9. What is a permanent resident of Hong Kong?

Please refer to the relevant definition on the website of Immigration Department: http://www.immd.gov.hk/eng/index.html


Q10. Would the working experience as a freelance designer be accepted in the context of the relevant working experience?



Q11. Is there any limitation on design works of the portfolio to be submitted for DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award?

The applicant may upload at least 6 and at most 10 images of his/ her design works and the images can be the same design work or different design works. It can cover design deliverables during the study and working period and may also include his/ her design-related articles/ publications. Shortlisted applicants have to bring along their portfolio of design works to the judging session in person.


Q12. How do I know if I have successfully completed the online application?

Upon completion of the online application, applicants will receive an email that confirms submission of the application. If the applicant does not receive the confirmation email after 24 hours from the date of submission, please contact us at ydta@dfaawards.com.


Q13. What if I need to change the information that has been submitted to the organiser?

If an applicant needs to change the information that has been submitted to the organiser (e.g. correspondence address or contact number), he/ she should notify us at ydta@dfaawards.com immediately.


Q14. When the results of the DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award 2023 will be announced?

The awardees will be notified of the results in September/ October 2023 while it will officially be announced in November 2023. The awardees will be informed individually and be invited to attend the awards presentation ceremony in late November / early December 2023.


Q15. What will happen to my portfolio of design works after selection the Award?

The copyright of awardees portfolio is owned by the awardees. HKDC reserves the right to use the portfolio of works of awardees in whole or in part for publicity purposes including but not limited to award publications, promotional videos, exhibitions, media interviews, and other non-commercial promotional and educational purposes.