Online Application

Online application for DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award 2024 starts at 09:00, 18 April 2024 and will close at 17:00, 26 Jun 2024. (Hong Kong Time, GMT+8)



Call for Application: 18 April to 26 June 2024

  • Register an account (Step 1)
  • Complete and submit online application (Step 2-9)
  • Submit Hong Kong Permanent Resident Identity Card (HKID) copy via email (Step 10)


Step 1: 
Register an account
Step 2: 
Provide information on your design disciplines
Step 3:
Provide information on your career background / latest academic attainment
Step 4: 
Provide information on your educational background, professional qualifications and membership
Step 5: 
List out your design-related awards obtained, if any
Step 6: 
Upload images (JPG format) of your design work(s) with project description
Step 7: 
Describe your plan of work/study outside Hong Kong, including your objectives, work/study plan and expected learning outcome, your potential contribution to Hong Kong design and creative industries, etc.
Step 8: 
Upload your portrait (JPG format), 3-min Presentation Video (MP4 format) and all supporting documents (PDF format)*
Step 9: 
Click “Submit Application” button to submit the online application
Step 10: 
Submit Hong Kong Permanent Resident Identity Card (HKID) copy via email**


*Requirement of the 3-min Presentation Video

Please click here to download the video requirements and suggestions.
(If your video exceeds 3 minutes, it may be regarded as invalid.)


*Supporting Document(s)

Please upload and submit ALL supporting documents through online application system, including:
  • Completed Nomination Form
  • Academic qualifications certificates
  • Proof of professional qualifications and membership, if any
  • Reference letters and/or certification letters from previous employer(s), if any
  • Award certificate(s), if any
  • Written reply of work conditional offer from overseas design company(ies) outside Hong Kong^, if any
  • Student ID Copy (for Graduates ONLY)

^Work Conditional Offer outside Hong Kong

Practitioners and Graduates who plan to undergo work outside Hong Kong, please seek conditional offer(s) from the Suggested Design Companies or your preferred companies:
  • Please send your resume and portfolio to your selected company(ies) by email directly
  • Please state "Application for Work outside Hong Kong of DFA HKYDTA 2024" and your Application ID (e.g. DP-0001) in your email subject
  • Please try to secure at least one 6 to 12-month work from design companies outside Hong Kong and ask the company(ies) to provide you email confirmation(s) if it/they grant(s) you the conditional offer(s) on or before the submission deadline.

**Submission of Hong Kong Permanent Resident Identity Card (HKID) Copy

Please send us the followings before the application deadline after your online application submission.

1. HKID card copy (in PDF format with password protected) to; and

2. PDF file password in a separate email to

Please mark “CONFIDENTIAL” and your Application ID on both the email subject and HKID PDF file name, e.g. CONFIDENTIAL_DP-0001.



You will be required to present your original HKID card for verification at the registration counter when attending the judging session.

The application will be regarded as unsuccessful due to any incomplete steps in the process.

All personal information submitted will solely be used for the DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award purposes.


Submission Deadline

by 17:00 on 26 June 2024 (Hong Kong Time, GMT+8)

   +852 3793-8446 / 3793-8450