Young Design Talent Special Mention Award 2017
Gary Hon

Environmental Design | Architect


Founder, WOWOW Studio

Gary Hon worked as an architect in Hong Kong. Being a bachelor and master graduate of Faculty of Architecture, the University of Hong Kong, Gary strengthened himself with the "Innovative Furniture Design" course offered by Hong Kong Design Institute. However, he considers that both architecture and furniture have their constraint and design should not be bounded to a specific discipline. We come to see that his objective is to bring happiness to people via design, and his design is humanistic, emphasising spiritual satisfaction beyond functions.

To do "happiness designing," Gary explores various ingredients of happiness. For instance, his “Hugging Bench” is a sharp-bottomed swinging sofa, exploring how motions bring happiness and intimacy to people. His “Drawing Loop,” a huge loop for a person to paint and walk inside, driving the loop to roll, explores a co-design media to satisfy people’s inborn desire in creating their utopia. The patented “Door Furniture” is a cross-disciplinary attempt, in which Gary applies the techniques of tailoring to achieve a folding surface to transform a door leaf into various forms of furniture.

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