Young Design Talent Special Mention Award 2022
Jonathan So Cheuk Lam

Environmental Design | Graduate of The University of Hong Kong (Architecture)


Architectural Designer

Jonathan holds a Master of Architecture and a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies from the University of Hong Kong.


He thinks urban redevelopment should manage change instead of being a top-down, one-off renewal, and believes his role as an architect is to improve communications among the government, the developer and residents, to help them reach a transitional negotiable arrangement for urban renewal. His thesis project, ‘Transitional Scaffolding for Redevelopment’, explores and expands the potential of architectural design to empower disadvantaged stakeholder communities often overlooked in redevelopment; an integration of design expertise and humanitarian concern to encourage cooperation among the government, developers, owners, and residents. By combining economic, social, and spatial concerns, his work demonstrates inclusiveness and resilience.