CreateSmart Young Design Talent Special Award 2018
Man Ching So
Apparel & Accessory Design | Graduate of HKDI (Fashion)


Fashion Designer

Man Ching So is passionate about telling stories through her fashion. To that end, she has experimented with different materials, including fur and denim, for which she has won design competitions organized by the Hong Kong Fur Federation and Advance Denim respectively. “Hands-on experience is one of the best ways to learn,” and for this reason she entered these competitions to explore how clothing can be made better, not only in terms of style and look, but also in terms of sustainability and social impact.


Man Ching graduated from the Hong Kong Design Institute’s Department of Fashion and Image Design in 2018. For her graduation project, she wants to tell the story of an unnamed woman. Although the protagonist puts on a façade just like everyone else, she is powerless to prevent her emotions from taking over her. Drapery and layers form the basic structures in this line of dresses, accentuated by the composition of geometric and asymmetrical fragments and the material’s muted or somber colours. The rough shell and soft lining offer an interesting texture while ensuring comfort, as the material contrast also allegorizes the protagonist’s complex psychic state in Man Ching’s story. As some of the pieces she created are reversible, the design is versatile and gives the wearer freedom, flexibility, and agency in the way the garments are worn. Mimicking the turbulent sentiments that are hidden underneath, the formalwear may appear simple at first glance, but each piece boasts a unique air of sophistication, complexity, and mystery that are found in the depths of the garment.


Man Ching plans to gain professional experience in Belgium or Italy, especially with designers who are masters of asymmetric cuts. She also looks forward to taking pattern-making lessons in Antwerp and doing research in the Royal Library of Belgium in Brussels.

Overseas Undertaking
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