CreateSmart Young Design Talent Special Award 2019
Thomas Chan

Communication Design | Graduate of PolyU (Communication)


Communication Designer

“Hong Kong’s creative industries are now at a stage which needs new blood and integration with global development. With a year of overseas experience, I aim to bring back new design ideas, opinions and references to Hong Kong.”

Thomas got his Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design.

In 2018 he created the book Words, From Mankind, recording the traditional Hong Kong hand-crafted typography in jeopardy. In 2019 he has used modern typography to update Chinese chivalric romances, and created After-glow, a conceptual exploration of HK Government initiated design: postage stamps, passports, Basic Law, banknotes, ID cards and maps. Interpreted though a Chinese idiom describing an urgent task as a metaphor represents Hong Kong’s sense of identity.

Each postage stamp stands for a local social issue: over-population, ageing population, medical support, housing shortage, polarisation. The passport has out of focus shots of Hong Kong’s night scenery. The Basic Law is reformatted to show Hong Kong’s hidden core values. The banknotes record Hong Kong’s economic growth architecturally with Jardine House, the Hopewell Centre, Central Plaza, Two International Finance Centre and the International Commerce Centre. The older and smaller the building, the lower the denomination.

Thomas is curious, motivated and enthusiastic with the initiative to explore, learn, visit exhibitions and tell people overseas about Hong Kong. Thomas also worked for an award-winning design studio in Prague last year for three months. He plans to write a diary so that no new impression is lost.