CreateSmart Young Design Talent Award 2018
Frank Lo
Communication Design | Communication Designer


Freelance Designer

Following his graduation from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Design, Frank’s career has been inseparable from books. Although Frank oversees the entire book design process, “I enjoy turning my ideas into a tangible product,” he says. As a book designer, Frank crafted books with great care and experimented with new ideas and techniques to offer novelty and variety in what many mistakenly see as a dated medium. From conceptualization to the blueprint, he is not timid in leveraging the element of surprise in order to turn a book into a collectable item. Using interactive prints to create three-dimensional illusions, Frank’s design transcends the two-dimensional confines of the book cover. As books are a preferred tool and medium for archiving, vintage book covers are also a common theme in his art. He invokes simplicity and basic colours in the twin-book project entitled Less is More, and manipulates textures and thicknesses to showcase the allure of transparency in a reference book entitled Transparent. Common Cantonese expressions written in stylized Chinese characters on the cover of Cantonese Colloquial are a playful blend between calligraphy and typography, and for this book about local culture and vernacular, Frank’s art direction and cover design illustrate why Cantonese is special and endears it to many who speak it around the world.


Frank hopes to take a break from books and gain exposure to an increasingly complex and globalized design scene. As he also partners with a local social enterprise, his choice of internship opportunities in Stockholm or London reflects his interest in empowering people and the community with design.

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