PolyU School of Design Young Design Talent Award 2020
Willy Lam

Environmental Design | Graduate of PolyU (Environmental and Interior)


Architectural Designer

“Willy holds strong social and civic beliefs.”

Willy graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Arts in Environment and Interior Design. Nominated as the Tutor’s Choice at their annual show, his adviser and tutors were impressed by his all-round skills, ranging from research, drawing, model-making and execution to social consciousness.

His trip to Louis Kahn’s National Assembly of Bangladesh in Dhaka in 2018 was both intense and enlightening, and ignited a strong emotion about the relationship between native culture and social status. The experience further consolidates his belief on the social impact that architecture and spatial design bring about.


Willy’s theses, “Enfilade Through Time” and “The Light Receiver”, concern renovation frequency, material history and time, and his projects “The Next Space” and “Material and Making: The Spherical Space” are an exploration of space.

Inspired by the exceptional and distinctive works of their alumni, Willy would like to study at the Architectural Association School of Architecture and University College London in the UK.

   +852 6213 4998